Ready to Create Deeper Connection Within Your Family?

Welcome to Nourished Connections with Health Coach Heather! I'm so glad you're here. Below you'll find some free resources to help your family get started on on a path to deeper, more meaningful relationships with each other.

"Teens and parents often find it challenging to communicate effectively with family and peers. Heather provides essential tools to improve listening and communication skills, empowering you to express yourself more effectively."

"This guide helps families create a weekly routine for meaningful communication, allowing everyone to share their thoughts on successes and areas for improvement. It's a simple yet powerful tool for fostering a happier, more harmonious home."

"At 3:00pm, when hunger strikes, set your kids up for lifelong healthy habits. Grab my 7-page snack board PDF to introduce your kids to a variety of nutritious foods they'll love. Watch their health thrive!"

Here's a FREE way to get weekly help from me...

Listen to the Nourished Connections Podcast!

Join Health Coach Heather for "Nourished Connections", a podcast designed to provide fun and informative tips for families who want to raise healthy, strong, and resilient children.

In each episode, Heather shares coaching wisdom that promotes mental and physical well-being for both parents and kids.

Would Your Family Like to Work with Me?

I am currently inviting families and individuals who'd like to work with me one on one, to apply for my coaching program "Harmony at Home."

Within this program, we'll work closely together to help you and your family achieve optimal health both mentally and physically.

I've worked with a variety of people - from diverse backgrounds - learn how set goals, communicate better, practice self care, and establish healthy relationships.

It's life changing!

Let me Coach Your kids Ages 11+

This curriculum provides a foundation for developing a growth mindset in kids by promoting positive self-talk, mindfulness, gratitude, and self-reflection.

In Bizkids, your child will learn the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, including identifying a business idea, creating a business plan, marketing and selling products or services, and managing finances.

You've enrolled your children in various programs, including music lessons, sports, martial arts, and others. Have you considered life coaching? Give your child the gift of a managed emotional brain.

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