Welcome to Nourished Connections, where I empower traditional families to achieve optimal mental and physical health together as a unit in order to create deeper connection with each other!

Unlocking Family Unity: Three Essential Pillars for Cultivating Deeper Connections

Better Communication

as a Family

Healthy Family Meals Together

Physical Activity Together

Communication is Key

I've witnessed so many families break apart due to poor communication or worse, no communication.

When your family comes to coach with me, I'm going to teach each of you how to communicate more effectively and how to listen to each other in a way where everyone feels heard.

Communication in everything in a healthy marriage and family life.

Each week I will be coaching different members of the family to help them overcome any communication barriers and solve any problems going on in their life.

I have a unique style of coaching that will quickly help anyone see how they are creating the results in their life through negative thinking. We'll uncover self-sabotaging beliefs so that everyone can feel more peace at home

Family Meals Together

If you were to ask me "what's one thing I can do to connect more with my family?" I'd happily answer "start having family meals together!"

This simple way to connect with each other has been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, conflicting schedules, and electronics.

I'm going to help your family bring back meal time through healthy family dinners and meaningful conversation with each other. Let's start teaching the kids how to cook nutritious meals too!

I'll help you create healthy meal plans & snack boards + how to manage your time wisely so that this area can be one of joy and not stress. I'll even teach you how to shop healthy on a budget.

Exercise Together

For a healthy body and mind, I help families plan exercise routines together. Ideally I love seeing families start hiking, taking a bike ride, or walking in nature. There's something so amazing for the body and brain about being out in nature and moving.

But whether you love to life wights or do yoga and mobility, I want to help each member of your family receive the benefits of a healthy body to prevent disease and have a great mental outlook on life!

Families are happier when they're exercising!

Let me help your family create the habit of daily movement for mental health.

Weekly Family Council

The Secret Sauce

Many fast food restaurants out there have what they call a "secret sauce." These sauces often play a significant role in the unique flavor and appeal of these establishments' menu items.

Weekly family council will become your "secret sauce" to better family communication and therefore greater love within the home.

I will show you how to run a successful family council in your own home each week so that you can prevent arguments from happening.

It's genius!

What I'm Offering...

24 coaching sessions for families who want to work on creating more connection, more love & more happiness together.

Each session lasts about 1 hour. We will meet on zoom during a time that is convenient for both of us.

Within these calls, I will help you create structure in your home through protocols and mindset!

These calls can be individual with any member of the family, or you can do them together.

We have so much work to do together my friend!

Couples Coaching

If you're hoping to feel more connection in your marriage, let's coach on this area first! A strong, healthy companionship is a sure foundation for healthy kids to build on.

Parent Coaching

It can be tough being a parent. Kids are ever evolving into who they want to become. It might feel frustrating at times. I am here to coach you through it!

Health Coaching

Are you struggling with your health? Are your children? I can help coach your family into healthier habits that lead to optimal health, disease free!

Let's work on your health

Teen Coaching

Got a tween or teen in the house? I love coaching these kids! Let me help them have a positive mindset and outlook on life + set goals and achieve them in a big way!

About Heather

I am a wife to an amazing guy I met when I was just 14 yrs old. We've been married since 2005 and we're going strong. Coaching has helped strengthen my marriage like nothing else and I adore the connection I've ben able to make with Grant.

I am a proud mom of 2 amazing kids, Dax & Jojo who have taught me more about myself and molded me into the person I always needed and wanted to become. Parenting has been a true growing experience for me and I'm constantly learning how to work with each of their personalities in a way where they feel respect and love from me.

I have been a health and life coach for families since 2017 and I look forward to working with your family this year!

Let's Talk Traditional Family Values

In a world where the role of the homemaker is sometimes undervalued, I firmly advocate for the importance of mothers being present in the home as much as possible. I specialize in working with women who embrace their roles as mothers and wives, finding fulfillment in nurturing their families

Children greatly benefit from having a father figure in their lives. Boys require paternal guidance to learn the qualities of manhood, while girls benefit from a father's example of how to love and respect women. Society benefits from men who value and embody positive masculinity, leading their families with love and support, and taking pride in their roles as providers. It is essential to cultivate a culture where men honor and cherish their wives and children, fostering connection and cooperation within the family unit.

Watch your kids absolutely THRIVE when you incorporate traditional family values.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who's ready and wanting to get their family to a healthier place both physically and mentally. You don't have to have all your "ducks in a row" to coach with me, in fact, I've worked with people who've had all different kinds of addictions and were able to kick them with the help of mindset and coaching. You must have a willing attitude in order to be coached. You must be ready for change and to up-level yourself in a BIG way!


What if I'm the only one in my family who wants to participate?

This coaching program is meant to help whomever in the family wants the help. If it's just you, then great news...you get 24 coaching sessions with me!

How long will we be coaching together?

I will meet you at your pace. I have clients who coach with me 2 sessions a week and others who do twice a month. It's up to you. Sessions do expire after 12 months so please keep that in mind.

Do I have to have a "traditional family" value system in order to coach with you?

No. But this is a strong belief that I carry into my coaching. I may make suggestions that will lead you in the direction of a traditional value system but ultimately your life is your life and I'm just here to help you feel more love and connection with the people you live with.

Ready to Work Together?

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